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Distributor for,

Amarillo Wind Machine, AGI Electric Frost Fans 

and Altrac Automation

Red Seal Agricultural Service Technician with 25 years experience in the agricultural industry, Specializing in wind machines and farm equipment.

Vintage Iron services include,

sight mapping,

machine relocation, decommissioning, new foundation pours, old foundation removal,

repairs & servicing.

A walk through the Altrac automation

AGI Frost Fans introduction

Amarillo wind machines are engineered for reliability, durability, and easy maintenance. The unique gearbox design ensures maximum performance and minimum wear. The result is a wind machine thousands of customers throughout the world rely on to protect their valuable crops when it counts the most. 

Amarillo Wind Machine

AGI frost fans offer efficient and reliable protection against frost in a variety of environments and temperatures. The open impeller design provides class-leading coverage of up to 9 hectares per fan and the electrically driven motor earns it the accolade of having the lowest running costs in the industry. 

AGI Frost Fans

Control your wind machine from your computer or smartphone with AlTrac automation remote cellular​ start & stop, live air temperature readings, and fuel monitoring.